Direct downloadable links?
No, DMCA issues! Uploading on a cloud storage or any file hosting services will create DMCA issues and soon they’ll get deleted on legal terms right after every single upload, Team-UCD is just 2 , they cannot re-upload each and every-time a file gets deleted. Torrent is good, Do not leech, It’s a matter of education, SEED WELL!
Seed not available? Not able to download?
Team-UCD cannot help you with that! All torrents are well seeded at 101 ratio, sometimes more… There is a private Membership area – Subscribe To Get Course On Google Drive You can Watch them online Or download or Copy them to you google Drive account, be a subscriber and get yourself early notified on newly posted courses. That’s all.
Do you even read emails?
Yes, we do… Each and every email! We Give priority to Subscriber membership if there is any problem they face. and of course we replied them.
When my requested course will be posted ?
We look at the bulk requests and Rip courses accordingly, the higher number of times a single course is being requested by too many Users, that course will get posted first, so request for once and leave, let others also request the same course. If you keep requesting the same course over and over again or after a period of time on any request page or on our email, then seriously, we won’t be able to consider that single course, because it’s a stubborn behavior, we cannot be unjust with other Users. We hope you understand.
Private Membership
Our Private Membership is a Google Drive Plan with all the courses We Post Everyday You can get access Fast and Updated daily, Also Watch Online Fast Download and you can Even Copy all the courses to your Google Drive. Info Check Register Link.
Why UCD never post any newly available Udemy course?
We are Not Pirates, We Don’t Post New Courses On udemy The course can be posted once they earn a good amount of money from their course enrollments and already shared, then we think it’s not a big stone on our hearts to post the course at UCD.
Why UCD ?
It’s just a vision to provide “Free Education For All”!