Python Regular Expressions With Examples

Python Regular Expressions With Examples



Python Regular Expressions With Examples

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Learn Python’s RE module in detail with practical examples.

Python Regular Expressions With Examples. course gives you comprehensive overview of Python’s RE module.

Here are some important topics:

1. What are Regular Expressions.

2. RE module methods:

  • search()
  • match()
  • findall()
  • finditer()
  • sub()
  • compile()
  • split()

3. Writing regular expression patterns using:

  • Repetitions
  • Non Greedy Repetitions
  • Character Sets
  • Character Ranges
  • Escape Codes
  • Anchoring
  • Flags
  • Groups and Named Groups

All these are explained with lots of code examples. Course includes a quiz.

What you’ll learn

  • Complete understanding of Regular Expressions and how to use RE module in Python programming.

Getting Started
1 Installing Python on Mac
2 Installing Python on Windows

Python Regular Expressions
3 RE Module Methods — Part 1
4 RE Module Methods — Part 2
5 Writing REs — Greedy and non Greedy Repetitions
6 Writing REs — Character Sets and Ranges
7 Writing REs — Escape Codes, Anchoring and Flags
8 Writing REs — Groups and Named Groups
9 Writing REs — A Practical Example — Step by Step
10 Regular Expressions — Practice Code


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